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Who Are We

Farmology is an agritech startup based in India, focused on empowering farmers through technology and sustainable agricultural practices.

Founded by Anup Ganguly and Akash Chandrakar, Farmology aims to address key challenges in the agricultural sector by providing innovative solutions such as organic fertilizers, crop advisory services, and technology-driven tools for soil and crop health monitoring.

Key Offerings:

  1. Organic Agricultural Inputs: Farmology produces a variety of organic fertilizers and pesticides designed to enhance crop yield while maintaining soil health. Refer our Products.
  2. Crop Advisory Services: Using AI and machine learning, Farmology offers precise and unbiased crop advisory services. Farmers can use the Farmology app to diagnose crop issues and receive tailored recommendations. Refer our Services.
  3. Market Access: The platform helps farmers sell their produce directly, eliminating middlemen and ensuring better prices.
  4. Educational Resources: Farmology provides farmers with information and resources to make informed decisions about their farming practices.


Since its inception, Farmology has connected with over 100,000 farmers, significantly improving the incomes of those who have adopted their products and advice. The company has also created over 50 job opportunities in the agriculture sector and aims to reach 10,000,000 farmers in the near future (Organiser) (Upaya Social Ventures) (Farmology).


Farmology’s long-term vision is to make the farming sector financially resilient and independent of government subsidies. By leveraging technology, we aim to democratize access to agricultural information and reduce the influence of intermediaries (Upaya Social Ventures) (Farmology).

For more detailed information, you can visit Farmology’s website.

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