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– Innovative Crop Advisory Technology.

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About Farmology

At Farmology, we believe that real impact can be created by building trust among key Agri stakeholders through technology, keeping our farmers at its core. 

We do this by helping our farmers with knowledge, unbiased advisory, organic and sustainable agri-inputs, crop & soil health monitoring, and selling their produce. 

Our farmers are already reaping the benefits of our advisory, organic fertilizers and pesticides, and selling their produce at a premium. 

Our true vision lies in enabling farmers and Agri stakeholders with technology benefiting the entire Agri ecosystem.

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Farmology Platform

  • Crop Advisory

    Farmers to identify crop-related problems & get unbiased solutions...

  • Crop Health

    AI/ML Driven : 95% Accuracy

  • Sell Produce

    Enables farmers to sell their yield at higher prices, eliminating middlemen...

  • Buy Inputs

    Sustainable Agri-inputs for soil quality and higher yield while lowering the cost of production...

  • Weather Report

  • Soil Testing

    Crop soil health reports directly on the app in regional languages for precise advisory...

Together We Thrive

Our goal is to ensure our team is in sync with the company's goals and values.

Products We Manufacture

Shop Our Organic Products for the Exponential Growth of Your Crops by Not Harming Your Farm.

What the farmers say about us

Amrit Sarkar

Tea Farmer, Jalpaiguri

My tea leaf yield has gone up 1.5 times after using Mahapotash and spark in my tea garden.

Sukamal Dutta

Paddy Farmer, Bardhaman District

I had very good results in terms of both yield and seed germination with the use of Mahapotash and spark in my paddy field.


Banana Farmer, Nadia District

My banana production is much more efficient after using Surobhi Agro products like EESRO and E-care in my banana farm. It has specially helped in preventing a lot of loss due to fungal attacks in banana trees

Rabi Das

Potato Farmer, Jalpaiguri District

We followed the instructions of the company representative and got 40% more production in potato yield this season. The products Margozyme, Mahapotash, Casmag, Potato special and Spark were used. We are very happy with the results and will definitely use it again.

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Farmology App

Farmology is an Agtech startup working on the mission to “Create farmers of the future” in India by supporting farmers in their entire journey with quick solutions right in their hands. Farmology turns your Android phone into a mobile crop doctor with which you can accurately detect pests and diseases on crops, just by clicking a photo of a sick crop. It is available in 3 languages.